Sprinkle some magic into your hair with Faerie Threads 

 FaerieThreads will shimmer and sparkle in your hair when they catch the light.

You only need a few to create an enchanting glimmer and glint – add more and the subtle twinkle becomes a bedazzling sparkle.


Regardless of your age or hair colour, FaerieThreads are for everyone - not just for special occasions but   for every day and for everywhere.


Choose from 14 exciting shimmering colours:

Gold, Silver, Purple, Magenta, Amethyst, Rose Pink, Lapis Blue, Aqua, Opal, Bronze, Flame, Amber, Jet Black or Scarlet 


About FaerieThreads  

FaerieThreads create exciting highlights without any chemical treatment, glue or special fixings. Each strand of FaerieThread is tied to a single hair, and will last as long as the hairs they are tied to remain in the head, which can be anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks. The knot where the FaerieThread is tied to the hair is stronger than the bond between the hair and the scalp. So if your FaerieThread detaches, it s usually because the hair came out.

 No need to take extra care with FaerieThreads as they can be treated just like your natural hair, so you can shampoo, condition and style your hair as normal.  Under most conditions they are not damaged by dryers, straighteners or other heated hair appliances, as long as the heat setting is no higher than medium. Colour and sparkle are unchanged by either semi-permanent colors or henna hair coloring. Some changes may result from permanent coloring and highlighting.

FaerieThreads are a premium grade hair product and they feel soft and silky just like hair.  They are made from high quality super-fine polyester silk with a holographic finish.  Be wary of inferior imitations which can melt when subjected to heat styling, and can be too thick or inflexible to blend with the hair texture.  Our FaerieThreads are NOT made in China.


Prices: To have FaerieThreads put into your hair, they cost £1.50 per strand or £10 for 8 strands


FaerieThreads are available throughout Dorset and surrounding area, by appointment and at parties and local events.

Please contact for further details.

Email: faerie@tartanmoon.plus.com
Tel: 07866594013