I am a certified Ash Kumar professional henna artist, and was personally trained by the legendary Mr Ash Kumar at his London Academy. 

An internationally acclaimed henna artist,  Mr Kumar is recognised for his high profile henna work with Hollywood and Bollywood stars and musicians, such as Madonna, Julia Roberts, Shah Rukh Khan, and with well known brands such as Virgin Media, Aveda, Estee Lauder, Swarovski and XFactor.

The Henna Paste
The henna paste is freshly mixed for each event/session, using pure natural ingredients.  My product contains NO chemical dyes, preservatives or additives and is generally safe for use during pregnancy and with children. Consult your doctor if you have specific concerns.

Belly Beautification - Turn your bump into a work of art .......
Mums-to-be are becoming more aware of the ancient practice of having henna adorn their pregnant bellies.  This is a third-trimester tradition in some eastern cultures, where the cool, intricate designs are applied in henna paste across a belly, creating a non-permanent work of art.

Belly blessing or henna bump parties are becoming more popular.  Towards the end of her third trimester the expectant mum has her bump henna'd, and each guest has a small design applied to a hand or arm.  This is useful as wherever they are when it's time for baby to arrive, they can all focus on their henna designs to support the mother during labour.

The naturally cooling properties of the henna plant are especially beneficial in the summer when the temperature rises.  Some believe it calms, soothes and allows for an easy birth and a healthy child.  It’s also said to ward off any evil spirits that might be hovering, and bring good luck to mum and baby.  And it’s pretty too……….

Henna Crowns

Now offering Henna Crowns for men, women and children suffering from hair loss. The designs offer cancer patients suffering hair loss as a result of chemotherapy a chance to feel confident and regain their sense of self. Henna Crowns are a unique way of empowering women who have no hair to feel beautiful, confident and feminine.

Parties and Events

Whether you visit Hennamaste at a craft fair or festival, or make a booking for your party or event, a touch of henna will provide a memorable addition to any occasion. 

Hennamaste is sometimes a family affair, as Eileen's daughter Mhairi is also a trained and skilled henna artist, so they often work together at events and parties. No stencils are used, and all Hennamaste designs are hand drawn, allowing us to create something unique for everyone.

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