Natural Soap





Gentle, Moisturising & Luxurious

Handmade by an Aromatherapist using Traditional Methods

Vegetarian Ingredients

Essential Oils and Plant Extracts

No Synthetic Colour or Fragrance

No SLS, Parabens or other Nasties

Cruelty Free

Made in Dorset


Each batch of soap is hand made in my workshop, using traditional cold process and hot process methods,  and combining natural ingredients such as vegetable oils and goat milk.  Whenever possible these ingredients are sourced locally, including beer from the Dorset Piddle Brewery, and  Mr Filbert's locally produced rapeseed oil from Milton Abbas.

The naturally occurring glycerine produced during the soap making process remains in the soaps and adds to the moisturising properties of the soap, leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth.   Most commercial "soaps" have the glycerine removed for use in other more expensive products, resulting in an end product which is in fact detergent -  and this can be very drying and a potential irritant to the skin. 

All my products are cruelty free and vegetarian friendly, and some are suitable for vegans.

Fragrance is from carefully blended essential oils, which also add their therapeutic properties.   Fragrance free soaps are also available upon request.

Most of my soaps have no added colourants, with the final shade resulting from the ingredients used and the effects of the soap making process.  Where any colouring is added, this has been created with the use of plant materials such as alkanet or annatto.  Regardless of whether colourant has been added, there may be slight variations in colour from batch to batch, due to the nature of hand made soap.

Namaste products contain no nasties - no animal fats, synthetic colours or fragrances - and definitely no dodgy chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) or Parabens (or the widely used Paraben substitute Tetrasodium EDTA which is made from formaldehyde and cyanide). 

There are no chemical hardeners in Namaste soap, and if constantly allowed to remain wet it will quickly dissolve - so to get the maximum out of your soap it is advisable to let it drain well between each use, preferably on a soap dish.

All my products have been fully safety tested by a Cosmetic Chemist and comply with current EU and UK legislation and regulations governing their manufacture and labelling.

Each soap bar weighs 100g minimum, and is wrapped in 100% recycled paper. 


The Soaps

Alsoknine  -  With the antibacterial and antiseptic properties  of Lavender and TeaTree  essential oils – a deep cleansing soap and especially suitable for oily skin.  Also beneficial for dogs as it conditions the coat and helps to repel fleas and ticks.  £3.50

Baby Soap  -  Gentle, moisturising and soothing– suitable for very sensitive and delicate skin.  Perfect for baby.  £3.50

Cananga  -  With the sensual fragrance  of Ylang Ylang essential oil - which is reputed to have aphrodisiac properties.  £4.00

Castile Soap  -  A pure soap made with nothing but olive oil, goatsmilk and a little beeswax.  Wonderfully moisturising and suitable for all skin types.  This versatile soap can be used on face, hair and body. Particularly beneficial for dry skin complaints including eczema. £3.50

Handysoap  -  Effectively removes grease and grime from the hands, without stripping the skin of its natural oils and leaves them soft and moisturized. The deodorising properties also help to remove cooking odours from the hands e.g. onions, fish.  (Suitable for Vegans) £3.50

HippyDaze  -  Revive your inner hippy with a splash of Patchouli and other sensual oils including hemp, which will take you back to the daze of flower power.  Wearing of beads is optional.  £4.00

LavenderMint  -  A refreshing and uplifting soap with Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.  £3.50

Marrakesh  -  With a blend of spicy essential oils – close your eyes and be transported to hot desert sands and bustling Arab markets. £4.00

Moongazy - Inspired by the Stonewylde series of books from local author Kit Berry.  Made in limited quantities as blended and created only when the Moon is full, this soap is influenced by her energy at this mystical time.  A magical soap. £4.50

Nourish  -  Castile soap with the added benefit of oatmeal.  £3.50

Paradiso  -  Goat milk soap which is balanced with YlangYlang and Sweet Orange essential oils.  £4

Piddle In A Bar  - Made with beer from the Dorset Piddle Brewery, and an aromatic blend of Basil and Bergamot essential oils.  £4.00

Piddle On The Hop - Made with beer from the Dorset Piddle Brewery, this soap alsocontains crushed hops to gently exfoliate, and to .  The blend of essential oils creates an earthy fragrance, and includes Lemongrass, which gives a delicate hint of citrus.  £4.00

Purple Haze  -  With pure Lavender essential oil to calm the mind and soothe the body.  The natural colour is from infused Alkanet root as used by the Ancient Egyptians in their cosmetics.  £3.50

Shaving Soap  -  This moisturizing shaving soap is very gentle and contains a blend of essential oils chosen for their subtle fragrance and soothing qualities. (Suitable for Vegans) Min weight 200g £12.00

Yule - A seasonal soap which is not generally available throughout the year.  With its warm colour and evocative blend of essential oils, this soap is full of cheer for the winter months and the festive season.  £4.00

Liquid Soap

HippyDaze, PurpleHaze and Castile are also available as a liquid soap, in a lovely blue glass bottle with pump dispenser, or in a white foamer bottle which dispenses the soap in a mousse.  Glass bottle £12.00/Foamer bottle £10. Both 200ml




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